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Discipline in Sports - 1Timothy 4:7-8

Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train your body for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. As basketball players it is important to be focused when it comes to our athleticism. All the skill in the world is not enough if we are not fit. This week, we need to recommit ourselves to our training program, exercising discipline so we can once again reach the form for peak performance.

Secondly, being physically ready to play the sport we love is not enough either. We all have challenges that stretch beyond the basketball court, situations that drain us mentally and emotionally. To help us face these we must be bold and confident. We need someone to trust to help us cope, who can never disappoint; a place to anchor our trust. In disciplining our bodies this week, we should also think about how we can discipline our spirit as well because the body and the spirit are one. Consider the following for disciplining your spirit.

Read you bible every day – if you are not a heavy reader like me and are unable to focus on reading chapters upon chapters then consider using a daily devotional. Joyce Meyer has one online for women. But if you are a champion reader, try a bible reading plan. The internet has a list of online reading plans that can assist you. Each playbook has a small reading plan for you.

Pray always – this might sound crazy. It basically means do not let a day go by without communicating with the source of your energy. Scientifically we are all made of energy and our Creator is the source of that energy. We all need to be recharged daily to function at full power. Praying depends on your relationship with the source of your energy. If He is your Father then seek fatherly guidance, if He is your brother, seek brotherly advice. For me, He is not only my brother but the chosen heir to be my King. I approach him with respect but I can also play around with Him, after all He may be first born but He is my brother. A pray can be as long as you like or as short as ‘oh God’.

Talk to others - if you are a member of a church, then you may find food to feed your soul there. If not, then I'm sure there are members of your basketball team that walk with God in a manner that can assist you spiritually. Do not be afraid to ask for support. God did not create us to stand on our own. After God created Adam, He created Eve for Adam needed a helper.

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